The studio PC build continues in this video, part 3.


2 thoughts on “Building a music PC part 3

  1. Hello Frank!
    As I build PCs for artists, videographers, animators, and most of all musicians, I would like to gently add some input to your PC build presented here…..
    First off, it is general knowledge that, while once top-notch, the Seagate brand of hard drives has suffered lately with very poor Quality Control. I hope the 2 Seagates here are older, and it definitely is good that you have fans for the hard drives. What I *highly* suggest is, when you do the formatting of these drives, absolutely select the slower “surface-test” formatting option (as opposed to “Quick-Formatting”). That way, the S.M.A.R.T. utility will mark any weird or bad sectors, and not use them. I would then also suggest running a surface-test operation on the drives on a 4-to-6 week schedule.
    Second – just a suggestion that I usually pass on to people who will be backing up large amounts of data. Instead of the DVD-Writer, get a Blu-Ray writer. Yeah, they’re a bit more expensive than DVD-writers, but you can back up 25 to 50 gigs on one disc, and keep it in some place safe. Verbatim makes an affordable 25-gig BD-R disc known as “LTH Type.” This is more for data and back-up, and doesn’t play movies on some home theater Blu-Ray players, but alas, it’s an affordable back-up solution.
    Regardless, the ASUS you installed is very good quality, and yeah, the included software is usually junk, not worth installing.
    What I *do* also recommend (and can provide you with) is Nero 2014 burning software. It is great, stable, and provides burning of virtually ANY type disc. The 2014 version is the one to get – 2012 and 2015 versions are problematic. Let me know if you would like this, and I’ll get it to you.
    Well, just my 2 cents I thought might be worth throwing your way…… sent with warmth, light, and best wishes.
    Feel free to drop me a line if I can be of any assistance……
    Take care, bud!

    • Hi John Sorry I took so long to respond, and thank you for all the great info! I did abandon one of the Seagates and went with two SSD’s instead. I kept one for easy backups, but I always triple backup my projects after each day’s work. I had four of these 2 TB drives in a NAS and three failed…so you are correct…the Seagates kinda suck. I hardly write to CD anymore…most everything is deliverable in DDP format and I use a very nice and affordable program made by HOFA called CD-Burn and DDP. It is available as a standalone or as a plugin which sits inside your DAW on an insert. I tried them both and like the standalone better as you have to export your audio anyway when using it as a plugin. I would use Wavelab but the “Essential” version I own only lets you burn two tracks in a montage, which is pretty useless, and I cannot justify the hundreds of dollars to purchase the full version just to build CD tracks. I suppose there is some merit to the mastering qualities of Wavelab, but for that I would use something else like Pyramix if that were my main gig, but it is very expensive, and for my requirements the mastering capabilities of Cubase are okay (using plugs on the master output bus). The computer is up and runnng and is fantastic by the way. I need to finish those videos…!

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